The project aimed at exploring Smart Grid, different types of smart meters (GPRS, WiFi, RF, Zigbee and PLC) and designing a smart meter based on Power Line Communication (PLC) Network Technology. The PLC Network Technology accentuates communication through existing power line cables, controlling/retrieving data from it in a half-duplex manner. PLC chips were embedded in meters supported with proper circuitry to design PLC smart meters.

I used EVLKSTCOMET10-1, a development kit featuring STCOMET10 - a smart meter and PLC system-on-chip (SoC), power supply based on VIPER26H, and an LCD module. I sucessfully designed a complete single-phase smart meter with PLC connectivity. The performance of the metering and application functions were evaluated along with the PLC transmitting and receiving performance. The PLC line coupling interface was designed to allow the STCOMET device to transmit and receive on the AC mains line using a narrow-band PLC modulation (single carrier or OFDM) up to 500 kHz, mainly for automatic meter reading (AMR) applications. To know more, please follow the link below: