Team Hyperloop India is a unique multi-disciplinary multi-university think tank consisting of motivated student volunteers in the fields of engineering and business, interested in reinventing transportation in India. As a primarily student collaboration, our plan is to leverage our performance in global incentive prize competitions to leapfrog transportation in India.

Glimpse of me routing wires through ducts in electrical assembly

Glimpse of me routing wires through ducts in electrical assembly

Finalist, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 2017

Few highlights of my contribution:

  • Designed the Vehicular Architecture of the Hyperloop Pod.

  • Developed and manufactured the Power, Navigation, Control and Communication subsystems and carried vacuum, thermal and vibration testing at Aeronautical Development Establishment, DRDO, India.

  • Designed the electrical and electronic circuits and PCBs of the entire pod.

  • Designed and implemented fail-safe Battery Managemenet System (BMS) and tested it in near vacuum conditions (in SpaceX vacuum chamber).

  • Contributed to Business Development and Media Marketing for sponsorships.


Winner, Hyperloop One Global Challenge

The Mumbai-Chennai hyperloop route proposal would create a system of cities and provide a crucial East-West connection across India. Hyperloop would catalyze new economic opportunities and industry linkages, and ease the movement of passengers and goods between Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai.