AttentivU is a wearable system that helps users to stay attentive and engaged with the task in hand while providing real-time user-desired auditory (bone conduction or open-ear speaker), haptic and/or visual feedback. It helps victims of ADD/ADHD while also augmenting the cognition of all groups of people.

I designed and implemented custom hardware, electronics, and firmware for the wearable glasses with real-time feedback to measure attention using physiological sensors - EEG (Electroencephalography) and EOG (Electrooculography). The minimal glasses make the interface unobtrusive and increase user experience. The modular electronics and software facilitate easy and seamless integration of user-desired feedback options and different input modalities for sensor fusion.



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It is increasingly hard for adults and children alike to be attentive given the increasing amounts of information and distractions surrounding us. We have developed AttentivU: a device, in a socially acceptable form factor of a pair of glasses, that a person can put on in moments when he/she wants/needs to be attentive.

A video demonstrating real-time EOG and EEG data acquisition from my custom boards for AttentivU