I am a tech aficionado who loves blending arts and sciences while expanding the boundaries of the shared space to create innovative and impactful technologies. I work best while perching at the center of fragmented fields and rendering ideas from ostensibly orthogonal disciplines into discerning something that would improve the human conditions.

With my background in Hardware Design, Electronics and Software, and interdisciplinary research experience in Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Sensor Networks and Wireless Communication, I thrive to explore cutting-edge technologies to transcend the customary barriers while creating seamless interfaces to augment human capabilities and health.

If asked to delineate myself in one word, I would call myself a hacker. No, I am not talking about one stressing upon the black terminal screen with a green font and breaking into stuff. The hacker mindset I am referring to is one of nurturing inherent curiosity, asking questions, breaking things and making them differently, learning through experimentation while iteratively trying new and different approaches, endlessly assimilating diverse skills and knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, learning from failure. This approach has often helped me to dynamically shift through protocols, languages, techniques and disciplines while also leveraging just-in-time learning and divergent thinking to build avant-garde and creative solutions to ambiguous problems. I have always believed in realizing use cases - the real-life problems to solve and work back to engineer the technology for the same.

I enjoy playing guitar and listening to piano. I love travelling to places and meeting new people. I relish honest conversations on any field or topic. Chocolates are my instant fuel!


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